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Bali West Nusa Penida Tour Packages Itinerary :

06.30 – Pick up at the hotel (depend on your hotel location)
08.00 – Arrive at Sanur Port and go to Nusa Penida by using Speedboat
09.00 – Arrive at Nusa Penida and Start the tour
10.00 – Visit Angel Billabong
11.00 – Visit Broken Beach
12.00 – Visit Kelingking Beach
13.00 – Enjoy Lunch
14.00 – Lunch Finish and continue the tour
15.00 – Visit Crystal Bay
16.00 – Go to Nusa Penida port
17.00 – Arrive at Nusa Penida port and go to Sanur port by using a speedboat
18.00 – Arrive at Sanur port and back to the hotel
19.00 – Arrive at the hotel

Bali West Nusa Penida Tour Packages Price :

  • 1 – 2 persons: IDR 850.000/person
  • 1 – 3 persons: IDR 850.000/person
  • 1 – 4 persons: IDR 725.000/person
  • 1 – 5 persons: IDR 675.000/person
  • 1 – 6 persons: IDR 625.000/person

Remarks :

  • The price quote per person for minimum booking 2 person
  • Child below 3 years old is free of charge
  • For Single or Solo Traveler will have an additional charge  50%
  • For booking more than 6 people, please contact us for a special price

Nusa Penida

One Day in West Nusa Penida Island

Bali West Nusa Penida Tour is one-day tour package from Bali Nusa Penida Tour to give you the opportunity to explore the beautiful tourist destination in this West area of Nusa Penida Islands.

Nusa Penida is a small island which is part of the island of Bali, to get there the only transportation is by sea using Speedboat. Nusa Penida Island has a lot of interesting tourism objects, in this Bali West Nusa Penida tour package we choose the most famous tourism objects with their natural beauty and amazing view in the west area of Nusa Penida Islands.

The adventure starts when we pick up at the hotel in the morning and go straight to the harbor in Sanur and we will take a speedboat to get to Nusa Penida Island, arrive at Nusa Penida islands you will be welcomed by our local driver-partners at Nusa Penida and get ready for the tour around the beautiful island of Nusa Penida.

The first object visited in the Bali West Nusa Penida Tour Package is Angel Billabong, a lagoon on the rocks that has a beautiful view, then we visit Broken Beach with a beautiful view and suitable as a place to take pictures, after that the West Nusa Penida tour continued to visit the Kelingking beach, this is the most famous object in Nusa Penida village because this object has a very amazing view, our local driver will always help you if you want to take a photo with the Kelingking beach background, after that, we continue the journey to go to the restaurant for enjoying a Lunch with Indonesian food, after finishing lunch the Nusa Penida tour continue to visit the last object in this trip is visit Crystal Bay is a beach with a beautiful view.

After that we go to the dock to take a speed boat and head to Sanur harbor, at the Sanur harbor, our driver is waiting to take you back to the hotel with a very memorable memory in this Bali West Nusa Penida Tour Package


  • Last boat will leave from Nusa Penida at 3.30 noon, ASK YOUR DRIVER FOR UPDATED
  • Don't swimming when no lifeguard
  • Bring sunblock


Day 1
06.30 Start from the hotel and direct to Sanur Beach

The Start location is in Sanur beach, please be ready at Sanur beach latest 07.00, In Sanur Beach, there is many counter ticket be make sure read carefully, your ticket for

Day 2
Fast-boat time

On the way to Nusa Penida we will be joining around 80 people in the fast boat, it will take around 40 minutes when you arrive at Nusa Penida please don’t leave anything or make sure your goods belonging to you.

Our driver will be welcoming you in Nusa Penida with your name, and please give your ticket to him to reconfirm your next departure

Day 3
Kelingking Beach

KelingKING Beach the only place on Bali island Kelingking beach is really amazing place to visit, Kelingking Secret point is it’s not only an incredible view. Once you walking down from the parking area you get an entire view of the cliff and beach, the shape of the cliff like the head of the crocodile will be welcoming you to see more detail of it, at the moment other viewpoints and Sosmed worthy spots such as the tilted died tree you can climb up. Once you walk down to the cliff track viewpoint, maybe you will think twice, we suggest following the track cause you will get a special spot in your journey. There is a local from Nusa Penida made railing down the cliff, which is very steep which allows access to almost half of the rock formation, then directly down to the beach. Most people only make it halfway, as our tour guide not often come to the bottom. Good Day, Bali Tour would advise rock climbing gear as the rest is dangerously steep with only a rope to keep your balance, but once you touch that untouched white sand and fresh crystal clear water it all becomes surreal. Up and down took around one and a half hours, including the breaks for best photo-ops. The best time to visit Kelingking Secret Point beach After March begins the dry season, and June to September tend to be the most ideal months to visit Bali as there is little to no rain and humidity, this idea when do you want to go down to the beach, and all the year Good Day Bali Tour welcoming to visit Nusa Penida with the best view of Nusa Penida

Day 4
Broken Beach View

This is a very unique beach. You can’t find a beach like this in any parts of this world, except on Nusa Penida island. There is a very deep clift with beautiful view, beautiful sunset, and if you are lucky, you can see a lot manta rays and some turtles on the sea. And there is a big natural pool, with about a hundred meters in diameter. The pool was found because of the broken clift (land)

Pasih Uug or Broken Beach Pulau is really unique area. Relarted to the name ‘Pasih Uug’ (Bahasa Bali) meaning is beach damage. althought is broken beach is not nice to heard today this area one of the best place in Nusa Penida.

Broken beach is not big different compared to Uluwatu temple. the misssing point are temple and the monkeys.

Day 5
Angel Billabong (Swim Low Tide only)

Angel Billabong – Natural Pool In Nusa Penida
This pool is a natural sea water, located between the cliffs. With the waves that come from the ocean. The color of the pool is very unique. Green, blue, yellow radiates from under the water.

Try to take a dip in this pool, make your holiday more enjoyable. It is in contrast to other tourist attractions. Prepare your camera and swimwear. It is advisable to be careful, because the sharp rocks can make your leg wound. If high tides, then you can not be in this pool. But the sight of gushing water or water blow among the rocks is so amazing.

Vacation to this place, from the harbor in Nusa Penida is about 1 hour drive. Winding roads and rustic atmosphere naturally along the way. Entering the sights of Angel Billabong Nusa Penida, you have to pay the entrance fee per vehicle. Parking your vehicle first, then a bit of walking to get to Angel Billabong tourist object.

please feel free to swim when low tide only

Day 6
Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay in Bali is the most famous of Nusa Penida dive-sites because it is one of the best places in Bali and probably in the world to spot the famous mola-mola or Oceanic Sunfish. The Fauna and the Flora in Crystal Bay are simply incredible. In addition to the typical variety of coral fish you can enjoy a lot of blue spotted rays, napoleon wrasse, trumpet fish, squid, cuttlefish, blue-yellow ribbon eels, trigger fish, butterfly fish, moray eels, angelfish, sweetlips, frogfish, banded sea snakes, many moorish idols, banner fish, trevalies, jackfish, tunas, snappers, mackerels and much more.

Crystal Bay is recommended dive site for advanced divers as the strength of the currents can be sometimes really powerful. Water around here is usually crystal clear and in the dry season extremely cold. The temperature can many times drop all the way down to fifteen degrees celsius. But mola mola likes exactly those condition and the chance to see it grows higher further the temperature drops down.

The site also reserves another cool surprise: a nice cave with underwater entrance with lots of bats sleeping hanging at the ceiling. However the access is rather difficult especially in a bad wavy condition. The hard coral reef along all Crystal bay starts at five meters and has outstanding beauty all the way to very deep parts of the dive spot. You can also expect to see occasional woebegone sharks, reef sharks, eagle rays, dolphins and manta rays.

Day 7
Back to Nusa Penida Port

Make sure asked the Driver what time you should be there because the driver some time they feel not polite to disturbing when you enjoy the place

Day 8
Back to Bali Island

The trip back to Bali about 45 minutes, make sure you will meet the Bali Driver at the place you promised to him before because sometimes the fast boat port is not in the same place,


The Trip Cost Includes

  • Comfortable Return Transfer to Port with Private Car
  • Ticket Return Transfer Speedboat to Nusa Penida
  • Private Car with Good A/C during the tour in Nusa Penida
  • English Speaking Driver
  • Petrol
  • Entrance Fee to all site
  • Lunch Indonesian Food
  • Mineral Water (1 bottle/person)

The Trip Cost Excludes

  • Personal Expenses such as shopping
  • Services not mentioned or not promised by the agent/agency
  • Emergency expenses
  • Snorkeling
  • Towel
  • Beach bench

Nusa Penida

Can I go to Nusa Penida a little bit late?

Yes, depending on the fast boat company if there have another next trip, you can do it, but you will get a little time, and you still pay the same amount

Can I do Snorkeling combination with this tour?

Yes you can do that, but you will miss one or two places, and the payment is not including

Can we chatter the fast boat to go to Nusa Penida

yes for sure, let us know in advance

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

West Nusa Penida

Trip Info

  • 06.30
  • 19.00
  • Private AC car
  • Max 6 persons / car
  • Adventure
  • Indonesian Food
  • English Speaking Driver
  • 3
  • 70
January 2022

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