Take Authentic Japanese Cuisine to Reopen Soon on December 7th

Take Authentic Japanese Cuisine to Reopen Soon on December 7th The day has finally arrived. Take Authentic Japanese Cuisine is excited to deliver this great news to its loyal customers, that it will be reopened soon on December 7th, 2020. The famous Japanese signature dining milieus will be back serving the best yet finest Teppanyaki in town.

Take Sushi

The artistry of Executive Chef, Kiyofumi Okamoto and his expert team are on full display as the kitchen combines the freshest imported ingredients to create delicious authentic Japanese flavour. Anyone can go for an exceptional experience that the restaurant proudly featured, a robatayaki bar where customer can watch the chef compose, Tepannyaki counter for full of attraction, tatami room a cozy space for private function.

The menu features time-honoured classics rooted deeply in the Japanese traditions, as well as a collection of Sake to complement and elevate your Sushi or Sashimi and to create a memorable experience, together with friends, partners and family.

Located in the heart of the entertaining area in Bali; Legian, Take, Authentic Japanese Cuisine is easy to discover. Enjoy a delightful authentic Japanese food experience as the restaurant’s ambiance is also warmly accented by traditional Japanese architectural and design concept. Take Japanese Japanese Cuisine was first opened in 1999 and now, they are ready to serves customers again.

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