It is true that Bali Province becomes the world’s top class when it comes to tourism. The region also features some small beautiful islands for tourists to explore. One of them is called Nusa Penida Island, which is located in the southeast part of Bali Island. It belongs to Klungkung Regency, actually. Due to the popularity, Nusa Penida has included several facilities and accommodations, so tourists would feel comfortable during the visit. Not to mention many exotic beaches and other natural attractions reside on that island! This small paradise suits everyone’s needs when spending a long holiday, for sure.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Nusa Penida Island offers a distinct atmosphere. Even though it doesn’t come with sophisticated facilities, tourists would feel comfortable spending more than one day during the visit. Not to mention the island has many types of natural attractions including beaches, hills, temples, and much more! Also, tourists may find lush forests in some parts of the island. Some animals are also seen there including cows and wild boars. On top of that, the island has some recommended spots for snorkeling and diving!

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