Gianyar is one of the 9 regions / cities in Bali, it’s located between 08°-18’48”-08°38’58” latitude 13’29”-115°22’23” longitude. Bordering the regency of Badung and Denpasar city on the left, Bangli regency on the north, Bangli and Klungkung regency on the east, Badung strait, and Indonesian ocean on the south.

Gianyar is famous for the art and culture also for the beautiful panorama. The cultural heritage which relates to the archaeological remains are the most popular and interesting places to visit, for example there’s a Goa Gajah temple and Gunung Kawi temple. The

arts and the traditio

ns of the people made it becomes the unique parts and convenience to the tourists who visit Ubud for example. There are also some handcrafts w

hich can be found in the Sukawati market as a gift. The history of the city is determined by regional regulations no. 9 in 2004, April 2nd 2004 about t

he anniversary of the Gianyar. 245 years ago, in April 1771, when Gianyar was chosen to be the name of a palace. Ever since that day and after the Gianyar Kingdom role, it contributed to the history of Balinese Kingdoms which has 9 kingdoms, in Klungkung, Karangasem, Buleleng, Mengwi, Bangli, Payangan, Badung, Tabanan, and Gianyar.

Administratively based on the conditions in 2016, this city divided into seven sub-districts, Sukawati district (12 villages, 11 environment banjar), Blahbatuh district (9 villages, 67 environment banjar), Gianyar district (17 villages, 67 environment banjar), Tampaksiring district (8 villages, 70 environment banjar), Tegalalang district (7 villages, 65 environment banjar), and Payangan district (9 villages, 59 environment banjar).

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