Bangli Regency is located in the northeast of the city of Denpasar, about 40 km from the center of Denpasar and is the only district in Bali that does not have a coast. Bangli Regency is bordered by Buleleng Regency in the north, Klungkung and Karangasem in the east, Klungkung and Gianyar in the south, and Badung and Gianyar in the west. One popular tourist attraction in Bangli is Mount Batur and Lake Batur. Lake Batur which is the widest lake in Bali and is in the magnificent shadow of Mount Batur. In addition, Toyo Bungkah are hot springs which are believed by the Balinese people to cure various diseases, especially skin ailments.

Since 1991, the government of Bangli Regency has set 10 May 1204 as the anniversary of Bangli. The date traced from the inscription of Pura Kehen C issued by King Sri Adikunti Ketana who ruled Bangli in 1126 years Saka or 1204 AD. Before that, in the 11th century, there was an outbreak of disease which led people in droves to leave Bangli. According to the Pura Kehen inscription, when King Sri Adikunti Ketana recovered on May 10, 1204 , he ordered his son to invite the residents to return to Bangli to jointly build and repairing each other’s houses. The king also ordered the population to procreate and the forest to be cleared to make rice fields and waterways. In addition, the king abolished taxes on the population and set the boundaries of the Bangli Regency.

May 10, 1453 was then chosen as the anniversary of Bangli Regency based on the thought that the Kehen C Inscription showed that Bangli became unified on that date following the king’s boundaries. This inscription was the first to mention the name Bangli. In chronicles and folklore, the origin of the name Bangli comes from the word “Jarak Bang” or “Bangkliki.” It is said that Bangli was established over distance forests, but there are also those who say that Bangli comes from the word “banggi” which means it is less friendly.

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