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    Bali Black Pearl Destinatinations



Duration 9 - 10 Hours | USD $ 90,00* ( the price is person )
No Extra Hours

  06.30 Pick up at the Hotel
  Get fast boat in Sanur to Nusa Penida
  Visit Crystal Bay
  Visit Broken Beach
  Visit Billabong Angel
  15.00 Back to Harbour
  Back to Hotel

1. 07.30 at Sanur
(Fast Boat Harbour)

Sanur is on one Beautiful place with white sands.

Administratively, Sanur is included in the city of Denpasar on the east coast of South Bali. But with white sand, coconut trees, and some of the best international hotels on the whole island just a few meters away, Sanur was Bali's first beach resort. Only a few hundred meters inland, it is a village traditionally run by the brahmins the priestly caste of Bali.

Sanur is today still considered as one of the areas in Bali where you can feel the true spirit of Bali. Sanur appeals to just about everyone, it has a certain flair about being quiet and relatively laid-back. But Sanur is known for its mysticism and for having the first star rated resort in Bali. It's not difficult to find a Sanur hotel - a quality hotel - with good location and most of them with secured entrance area.
The Sanur area is sandwiched between the main Jalan Ngurah Rai bypass and the beach. Somehow it is easy to orient yourself in Sanur - you just need to know about one main route, called Jalan Danau Tamblingan, runs north to south through the town. There is a large number of metered taxis patrol the streets looking for passengers along this road.

Today From Sanur you can manage your holiday to another Island like Lembongan, Ceningan, Nusa Penida and also you can Make Bout Charter to Lombok, which is from Sanur To Nusa Penida will Take Time about 35 Minute

2. Nusa Penida
(Welcome to Nusa Penida)

Nusa Penida is a small island south east of Bali. The region is comprised of three small islands - Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan, and of course Nusa Penida which make up the Klungkung Regency district. The island covers an area of 202.6km sq. The highest point Puncak Mundi is 524 metres. The collective population of the three islands is 45,178 according to the 2010 census

Nusa Penida is the largest and perhaps least developed of the three. Nusa Penida has a rich history in Balinese legend. Once Nusa Penida was inhabited by dark spirits, demons, gods and one of the most feared characters in local mythology - I Gede Macaling, the spirit responsible for spreading sickness, plauge and disease. Pandita (Hindu high preists) sent by neighbouring kingdoms landed in Nusa Penida at Crystal Bay (called Penida in local language) cleansed the island of its evil spirits and most importantly, I Gede Macaling. This struggle between good and evil gave the island its name - Nusa Penida (roughly translated as Island of the Holy People). It makes sense then, that the Klungkung kingdom in Bali chose Nusa Penida to become a penal colony for its criminal outcasts, until transmigration opened up and the island was fully settled. Perhaps it is this history that has protected Nusa Penida from the onslaught of mass tourism indeed, Nusa Penida has been often described as the Bali of fifty years ago.

Balinese tradition and culture have found a stronghold on the little island of Nusa Penida. The island's main source of income is derived from agriculture with seaweed farming making up the majority of the income. The temples and spiritual areas of Nusa Penida are revered by residents of Penida and Hindus from Bali and elsewhere in Indonesia as well. Once a year, Indonesian Hindus will make a series of pilgrimages to Nusa Penida to pray and make offerings to the strong spirits that are still thought to reside on the island. This visit is thought to give the negative balance to the positive side of divinity - the balance between light and dark that is so pervasive in Balinese Hinduism. 

Nusa Penida is, quite literally, off the beaten Bali track. Witness a people deeply connected with their past and spirituality, and make lifelong friends. Perhaps you too, as many have done before, will feel a trace of that Nusa Penida magic when you step off the boat. Come, and see if the magic of Nusa Penida can provide you the same balance as the Balinese strive for. 

3. Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay in Bali is the most famous of Nusa Penida dive-sites because it is one of the best places in Bali and probably in the world to spot the famous mola-mola or Oceanic Sunfish. The Fauna and the Flora in Crystal Bay are simply incredible. In addition to the typical variety of coral fish you can enjoy a lot of blue spotted rays, napoleon wrasse, trumpet fish, squid, cuttlefish, blue-yellow ribbon eels, trigger fish, butterfly fish, moray eels, angelfish, sweetlips, frogfish, banded sea snakes, many moorish idols, banner fish, trevalies, jackfish, tunas, snappers, mackerels and much more.

Crystal Bay is recommended dive site for advanced divers as the strength of the currents can be sometimes really powerful. Water around here is usually crystal clear and in the dry season extremely cold. The temperature can many times drop all the way down to fifteen degrees celsius. But mola mola likes exactly those condition and the chance to see it grows higher further the temperature drops down.

The site also reserves another cool surprise: a nice cave with underwater entrance with lots of bats sleeping hanging at the ceiling. However the access is rather difficult especially in a bad wavy condition. The hard coral reef along all Crystal bay starts at five meters and has outstanding beauty all the way to very deep parts of the dive spot. You can also expect to see occasional woebegone sharks, reef sharks, eagle rays, dolphins and manta rays.


4. Broken Beach View

(Can't Swim)

This is a very unique beach. You can't find a beach like this in any parts of this world, except on Nusa Penida island. There is a very deep clift with beautiful view, beautiful sunset, and if you are lucky, you can see a lot manta rays and some turtles on the sea. And there is a big natural pool, with about a hundred meters in diameter. The pool was found because of the broken clift (land)

Pasih Uug or Broken Beach Pulau is really unique area. Relarted to the name 'Pasih Uug' (Bahasa Bali) meaning is beach damage. althought is broken beach is not nice to heard today this area one of the best place in Nusa Penida.

Broken beach is not big different compared to Uluwatu temple. the misssing point are temple and the monkeys.


5. Angel Billabong
(Swim Low Tide only)

Angel Billabong - Natural Pool In Nusa Penida
This pool is a natural sea water, located between the cliffs. With the waves that come from the ocean. The color of the pool is very unique. Green, blue, yellow radiates from under the water.

Try to take a dip in this pool, make your holiday more enjoyable. It is in contrast to other tourist attractions. Prepare your camera and swimwear. It is advisable to be careful, because the sharp rocks can make your leg wound. If high tides, then you can not be in this pool. But the sight of gushing water or water blow among the rocks is so amazing.

Vacation to this place, from the harbor in Nusa Penida is about 1 hour drive. Winding roads and rustic atmosphere naturally along the way. Entering the sights of Angel Billabong Nusa Penida, you have to pay the entrance fee per vehicle. Parking your vehicle first, then a bit of walking to get to Angel Billabong tourist object.

please feel free to swim when low tide only






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Nusa Penida Tour is fix time and have to booking in advance,
INCLUDE : Pick and Drop to Hotel, Fast boat Ticket, Light lunch ,inland transport, entrance ticket
EXCLUDE :Tips, and Personal Expense
Optional Charge: Goverment Licensed for Tour Guide (English,Spanish, Mandarin, Germany, etc) available on Request only in advance.